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In this section is a collection of writing, mostly from my high school years (before formal education crushed my spirit etc.).

Some Haikus I wrote for my third year English (that would be at about age 13)
The Adventures of Erwin Earwax: Space Pirate
This was going to be a swashbuckling space adventure in the style of Douglas Admas and/or Terry Pratchett, as you can see I got all of seven paragraphs into it, not sure exactly when but it was in the same box as my school stuff so approx 12-14
It's Worse than that, It's Life Jim!
A collection of stories I wrote while doing my GCSEs (about age 14-15). Literally while doing my GCSEs - they were mostly written in classes where I should have been paying more attention to other things and then peer reviewed at lunchtime. They are in the style of a sort of fairy tale lovechild of Douglas Adams and Monty Python.
The Adventures of Erwin Earwax: Space Pirate (extended version)
Turns out I found and extended the Earwax story in the late nineties, I've included both versions because I'm sentimental like that
The Frog Prince
A story I wrote some time in the late nineties, probably 1998. It features a female protagonist, though this is in order to reference fairy tale princesses rather than any sort of effort to get inside the mind of a woman.
The Path
I was reading a lot of Existentialist texts around the time I wrote this, could be a basis for a faux-deep, Kafka-esque buddy movie
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