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Anathema Rhodes: Dreams by Iimani David

This book chronicles a three day battle between the forces of “The Source” – the true deity of the universe – and the “god of man,” the focus of mankind’s “religion, idolatry, and … blind worship of false gods.” From these few, short quotes you can probably already guess at the general world view underlying […]

Extraordinary Engines – Edited by Nick Gevers

I received Extraordinary Engines through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers programme. I’ve been a fan of the Steampunk genre since I read The Difference Engine many years ago. The first story is Steampunch by James Lovegrove, the story of the rise and fall of a steam powered boxer related by a veteran denizen of the Martian […]

Vilnius Poker – Ričardas Gavelis

I received Vilnius Poker through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers programme. It’s published by Open Letter Books, who publish only books in translation – “contemporary literary fiction from around the world that is unique, distinctive, and that will have a significant impact on world literary conversation.” The package included a catalogue and, while I don’t expect […]