On the Four Corners

“Take me with you,” she said. A world of possibilities were ensnared within that simple demand. She was pretty, too. Better looking than than I had any right to expect of a random woman who’d taken one look at me walking past and decided I was worth talking to. Suddenly I wished I was going somewhere a bit more exciting than Wendy’s.

And really, it’s not like I was ever heading anywhere more exciting than a fast food burger joint. I’m not sure that I led the sort of life her demand implied she was after. After the infinite promise contained within the first few seconds of our life together the rest of it would certainly be an anti-climax. Every second after the first one would be a little less satisfactory than the one before until they summed up to months and years of disappointment.

But perhaps this was a chance for change? A moment where I could pick my life up and point it in a whole different direction. Start being the sort of person who was going to places where beautiful women would want to accompany me. There’d surely be no shortage of those sort of places even this late on a Saturday night – this is Las Vegas after all.

That sounds like a lot of work, though.

Anyway, she’s probably a hooker.

And what I really want, right now, is a Wendy’s.

So I smiled, regretfully, and carried on walking.

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