A Passing Fantasy   Issue 67   2000 Season Week Three

NFLBP Player Newsletter   ed Robert Crowther

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Week Two Review

New England continued their impressive start to the season, they scored four times in the second quarter and Miami were not able to put them under any pressure after that.  Buffalo became the latest team to take advantage of the weak offense of the Jets, forcing four turnovers to pile up the points in another shutout.  Cincinnati didn't get much yardage but were able to take advantage of good field position to rack up the points on Cleveland.  Pittsburgh found the going much easier this week on offense and defense, the visiting Jaguars lacked a killer punch.  The Broncos racked up huge yardage in Oakland and yet still required two scores in the final two minutes to take the game into overtime, a tight game was finally decided with three seconds remaining.  Kansas City showed some of the form that brought them the AFC West title last season, the key to victory was denying the Seahawks' offense any of its trademark big plays.  Arizona came from behind in Philadelphia, tying the game up late in the fourth quarter before winning the game with a 91 yard touchdown pass.  The Cowboys were able to match the scoring of the Washington offense but were never able to build a lead, field goal kicking proved to be the difference between the two teams.  The Green Bay defense did a great job in containing the visiting Bears, allowing yardage but coming up with big plays in key situations and even scoring a touchdown on an interception return.  Detroit were able to take advantage of three Buc's turnovers to build a comfortable lead, Tampa playing catch up are never very effective.  After spotting them a fourteen point lead Carolina were far too strong for the visiting Saints, the Panthers were almost unstoppable on offense with thirteen of seventeen third down conversions.  San Francisco were less than convincing but managed to sneak ahead of the visiting Rams in the fourth quarter.

Offensive performance of the week goes to the Broncos, even if they didn't score many points.  Defensive performance of the week goes to Green Bay who held the Bears on all but one pass.  Special teams performance of the week goes to Oakland, for keeping them in a game they should have been well out of by halftime.

Predictions Standings

Courtesy of Darren Birtchnell.

                1              Darren Birtchnell                     15            (1)

                2              John Coleman                           14            (1)

                3              Rob Crowther                            12            (2)

                4              Quentin Jenkinson                   11.5         (2)

Message Board

Darren Birtchnell to Quentin Jenkinson : Yeah OK mate, whatever you reckon.  Just remember I'll be the first one to remind you when both of those predictions are wrong.

John Coleman to Quentin Jenkinson : Yes!  However if sixty five runs for one hundred and thrity four yards is designed, who designed it?  Clive Sinclair?

Week Three Preview

Predictions and commentary from Martin Devine, other predictions from Martyn Williams, Darren Birtchnell, John Coleman, Quentin Jenkinson and myself.
Steelers at Patriots: It's tough to read where Pittsburgh are, as they've been thumped by Denver (who have a very solid defence) and have thumped Jacksonville (who are a weak team).  New England have been impressive in their first two games, though, which probably makes Pittsburgh's strength irrelevant.  PATRIOTS BY 7
                    MW - PATRIOTS BY 10         DB - PATRIOTS BY 7           JC - PATRIOTS BY 10           QJ - PATRIOTS BY 7
Bengals at Bills: Two unbeaten teams, but Buffalo have beaten up two of the weaker teams in the league while Cincinnati have had two solid wins.  The Bills will find it tough to control the ball in this one.  BENGALS BY 14
                    MW - BENGALS BY 7           JC - BENGALS BY 7             QJ - BENGALS BY 3
Broncos at Dolphins: Miami have been unlucky so far this season, but will need more than luck to win here.  Denver's defence has been virtually impenetrable so far, but the Broncos need to cut out the mistakes on offence.  BRONCOS BY 10
                    MW - BRONCOS BY 14         DB - BRONCOS BY 14         JC - BRONCOS BY 7             QJ - BRONCOS BY 14
Seahawks at Jets: New York should manage to at least get on the scoreboard in this one, as Seattle's defence isn't the strongest, but the Seahawks offensive firepower should mean the zero in the Jets' win column last one week longer.  SEAHAWKS BY 12
                    MW - SEAHAWKS BY 17       DB - SEAHAWKS BY 17       JC - SEAHAWKS BY 10         QJ - SEAHAWKS BY 3
Raiders at Browns: This should be a walk in the park for Oakland after last week's offensive struggles.  Cleveland don't have the offence to be able to keep up with many teams, even the Raiders with their somewhat conservative offence.  RAIDERS BY 9
                    MW - RAIDERS BY 21           DB - RAIDERS BY 20           JC - RAIDERS BY 3               QJ - RAIDERS BY 21
Chiefs at Jaguars: KC are showing that last season was no fluke with two solid wins to start their season.  This game should make it three in a row, as Jacksonville have looked very poor so far.  CHIEFS BY 14
                    MW - CHIEFS BY 14            DB - CHIEFS BY 14            JC - CHIEFS BY 10              QJ - CHIEFS BY 10
Lions at Eagles: A tough game to call, as these teams look evenly matched.  Philadelphia are more balanced on both sides of the ball, but Detroit's offence can beat anyone if it clicks.  EAGLES BY 3
                    MW - EAGLES BY 7              DB - EAGLES BY 6              JC - EAGLES BY 3                QJ - EAGLES BY 7
Packers at Cowboys: Green Bay haven't looked as good as they have in previous years, but are still better than most.  Dallas struggled to beat Washington last week, and the Packers are definitely a few levels above the Redskins.  PACKERS BY 8
                    MW - PACKERS BY 14          DB - PACKERS BY 10          JC - COWBOYS BY 1             QJ - COWBOYS BY 1
Saints at Cardinals: Arizona have looked impressive so far this season, with two good wins under their belts.  This game should see the Cards make it three out of three, as New Orleans have too many holes to be consistently competitive.  CARDINALS BY 12
                    MW - CARDINALS  BY 14      DB - CARDINALS BY 14       JC - CARDINALS BY 14
Rams at Redskins: This one should be an offensive showdown, as both teams have potent offences but somewhat porous defences.  St. Louis hold the advantage, as they have more strength on the defensive side of the ball.  RAMS BY 7
                    DB - RAMS BY 14                JC - RAMS BY 3                   QJ - RAMS BY 7
Panthers at Bears: Carolina look to be the favourites in this one.  Chicago have an offence which is capable of beating any team, but the Panthers have looked solid in all areas so far this season.  PANTHERS BY 9
                    MW - PANTHERS BY 14       DB - PANTHERS BY 7          JC - PANTHERS BY 3           QJ - PANTHERS BY 10
49ers at Bucs: A tough game to call, as neither team has put two good games together so far this season.  Tampa Bay look to be strong defensively, but can struggle to move the ball, while San Francisco don't appear to have settled into a rhythm on either side of the ball yet.
                    MW - 49ERS BY 10             DB - 49ERS BY 7                JC - BUCS BY 1                   QJ - 49ERS BY 7
RC : PATRIOTS BY 7; BENGALS BY 10 (Slugfest); BRONCOS BY 14 (Lock); SEAHAWKS BY 14 (Blowout); CHIEFS BY 7; EAGLES BY 7; PACKERS BY 3 (Shock - Cowboys); CARDINALS BY 14; RAMS BY 7 (Shootout); PANTHERS BY 7; 49ERS BY 10.
MD : Lock - Bengals; Shock - Lions; Blowout - Chiefs; Shootout - Rams at Redskins; Slugfest - 49ers at Bucs.

DB : Lock - Seahawks; Shock - Bills; Blowout - Raiders; Shootout - Rams at Redskins; Slugfest - Bengals at Bills.

JC : Lock - Cardinals; Shock - Bucs; Blowout - Seahawks; Shootout - Rams at Redskins; Slugfest - Lions at Eagles.

QJ : Lock - Broncos; Shock - Cowoys; Blowout - Raiders; Shootout - Panthers at Bears; Slugfest - Seahawks at Jets.

Monday Night Game - Quentin Jenkinson

Bengals at Bills

This is the battle of the running games, so control of the line of scrimmage is going to be absolutely vital in this match.  Looking at the matchups, this Bills' defensive line is very powerful but Cincy's O-line matches up well with it so the Bengals won't get massive amounts of yardage, but they'll get a bit.  On the other side, the Bengals also have a powerful D-line and they also have some decent linebackers, something that Buffalo lacks slightly, whilst the Bills' O-line is good but not totally intimidating.  In the battle to control the line of scrimmage I give the edge to the Bengals.  The one other area that I can see having a bearing on the game is the Bengals' passing game.  If their O-line can pick up the Buffalo pass rush then I can see Cincy getting copious amounts of passing yardage, as the Bills' secondary isn't strong.  It will be a tight game right down to the final gun, but Cincinnati will just nick it.