issue SIX

the bg issue

season 2002


Welcome to another issue, I'm in the process of moving house so this has been typed a week early and is considerably shorter than what you're all used to. I plan to make it up by doing a full playoff preview edition with the next turn. If you have any playoff predictions, opinions or thoughts send them to me at the new address below.

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Robert Crowther

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Jerry Ward

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Richard Appleby

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NN11 4NZ

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Neil Arthurton

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Martyn Williams

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Kevan Parrott

11 Hollins Lane, Sheffield

South Yorks.

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Derek Barton

75 Alexandra Mews, Tamworth


B79 7HT


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Review of Week Fourteen

The Jets struggled a bit in the second half but kept the Dolphins close thanks to the efforts of their kicker, in the second half Miami's lack of a running game began to tell. Indianapolis maintained their one game advantage in the East with a comfortable win in Buffalo, the Bills were able to pile up the yardage but struggled on third downs and in the redzone. Baltimore secured their divisional title with another fine defensive display, this time holding the Steelers without a touchdown. Houston survived a fourth quarter comeback in Cincinnati to keep them in pole position for the last wildcard spot. Denver slipped up badly in Kansas City, defeat at the hands of the struggling Chiefs could prove to be crucial for their playoff hopes. Seattle mounted a remarkable late comeback to deny the Raiders their first win and move into sole possession of the AFC West lead.

New York were relying on their defense once again, one touchdown was more than enough to see off the Redskins. Philadelphia saw off the the struggling Cowboys with a fine rushing display. Green Bay saw off divisional rivals Chicago thanks to a far more balanced offense, the Bears were unable to get any sort of ground game going. Minnesota struggled a bit offensively but their defense had the Lions under control all day. Atlanta couldn't pass the ball against San Francisco but four turnovers helped them turn out comfortable winners. Carolina put an end to St Louis' slim playoff chances with a 'bend but don't break' defense.

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Kevan Parrott




Admin Assistant/Computer Operator

Marital Status


Gameplan Experience

12 years (5 different leagues)

Previously: Patriots 8 seasons, 2 Div titles, 4 play off app, won Consolation bowl 56-7 against the Vikings; Jets 2 seasons; Buccs 3 seasons, 1 Div title, 2 play off app.

Currently: Raiders 3rd season, 1 Div title, 1 play off app; Cowboys 1st season

Favourite Team

Dallas Cowboys

Worst Team

NY Giants (thank you Baltimore!), Denver & Buffalo


Watching & playing football. Sheffield Wednesday fan (they will stay up). I enjoy most sports and play cricket, tennis & ten pin bowling when I can. I like to read, especially crime and science fiction. I have been watching American football since 1984, just flicking through the channels and stumbled on a bunch of guys battering the living daylights out of each other (Bears v Redskins, I think) and have been hooked ever since.


To see a NFL game live (Dallas hopefully), win it all in Gameplan and see Wednesday back in the Premier League.

Review of Week Fifteen

The Jets kept in touch in the East and put the Broncos out of the wildcard race with a fantastic offensive display and great run defense. Indianapolis had a similarly comfortable victory over the Seahawks to stay one game up. Baltimore continued their ominously impressive form, crushing the Dolphins in Miami. The Oilers secured a wildcard spot thanks, in large part, to some terrible place kicking from the Buffalo kicker. Neither Pittsburgh or Kansas could establish any sort of ground attack, but the Steelers got some big plays through the air. Oakland finally recorded their first win of the season, hopefully the first of many as far as coach Arthurton is concerned.

The Redskins' kicker missed twice while the San Francisco kicker missed only once and that was all the scoring in Washington as defense dominated. St Louis got into a fourth quarter shootout in Dallas but held on, leaving the Cowboys as the only BG team without a win. The New York defense was in its usual miserly mood, holding the Packers without a touchdown, but for once the offense chipped in with a few touchdowns to make the victory comfortable. Detroit were outgained by the Eagles but managed one extra turnover to build a lead, then held on as Philly came back in the fourth. Chicago kept the race for the home spot in the wildcard game interesting with a come from behind win over playoff bound Atlanta. Minnesota secured the NFC Central title with a comfortable win over struggling Carolina.

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Derek Barton




Store Manager (Iceland Foods plc)

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Favourite Team

Minnesota Vikings

Sporting Hero

Alex Higgins, John Francome


Horse racing and gambling, reading contemporary fiction, cinema, running, music and pub quizes.

Favourite TV

Baddiel and Skinner, Bottom, Room 101, Fast Show and Channel 4 Racing

Favourite Actors

James Woods and Gerard Depardieu

Favourite Actresses

Winona Ryder and Isabella Adjani (not for their acting abilities at all)

Favourite Films

Goodfellas, Once Upon a Time in America, Cronos, Pi, Cube, Happiness, Raging Bull, Bleeder, Virgin Suicides

Favourite Music

Wilco, Morrissey, Semisonic, Puressence, Blur, Pavement

Favourite Comedian

Frank Skinner

Favourite Authors

Douglas Coupland, William Golding, John Irving, William Trevor, John Steinbeck, Gail Anderson Durgate

If I won the lottery...

I would buy a racehorse and have it in training with Martin Pie

Worst thing in the last year

Cheltenham Festival being cancelled, Minnesota blowing a great chance of Superbowl glory

Best thing in the last year

Shouting on the Brits at Sydney 2000 (I'm very patriotic)

Preview of Week Sixteen

Most of the playoff teams are now decided but there is still some jockeying for position to be done in the final week:

Colts at Jets – Colts need a win or to lose by less than 37 points to secure the divisional title, any win coupled with a Baltimore loss will give the homefield for the playoffs, Jets need a similarly sized victory to snatch the title away, a really huge defeat (combined points difference of >100) could see them travelling to Houston for the wildcard game.

Oilers at Ravens – A win for Baltimore secures them homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, a defeat and an Indianapolis win gives the Colts that privilege, Houston need to win by about 100 points to host the wildcard game.

Seahawks at Broncos – not losing by 50 points will make Seattle division champions

Eagles at Giants – a win for New York gives the homefield advantage, a loss couple with a Minnesota win hands it to the Vikings

Lions at Packers – any sort of victory should see the Pack hosting the wildcard, unless the Bears score over one hundred points

Vikings at Bears – a Vikings win couple with a New York loss gives Minnesota homefield for the playoffs, a Bears win coupled with a Green Bay loss sees Chicago host the wildcard game.