issue three

the bg issue

season 2002

week ten

Welcome to another issue and thanks to everyone who's written to me after the first two, I got a letter from Richard Appleby just after New Year as well as further contributions from Peter Swindells and Jerry Ward. The all-time records are now (mostly) accurate (thanks Jerry!) but I'll be saving them till the next issue, if you really can't wait they're also on my website ( Before I go on I would like to welcome Neil Arthurton as the new coach of the Raiders, it'll be tough turning them around but, from what I hear, you're more than up to the challenge.

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Robert Crowther

2 Lily Terrace


EH11 1PN

[email protected]

Peter Swindells

115 Long Walk, Epsom


KT18 5TU

[email protected]

Jerry Ward

50 Desmond Drive, Old Catton



Richard Appleby

12 Sunningdale Drive, Borough Hill, Daventry


NN11 4NZ

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Review of Week Eight

The Bills were able to keep up with the Jets for the first quarter but were steadily overwhelmed as the game wore on. Indianapolis gave up four hundred yards through the air and gained less than two hundred offensive yards of their own but Miami's seven turnovers were too much to overcome. Yardage was also piled up in Baltimore but while the Ravens were also piling up points the Bengals were unable to get into the endzone. Houston got a big second quarter to see off the visiting Steelers and stay in the Central title race. Seattle built an early lead against the visiting Chiefs which turned out to be more than enough, but coach Goodman may be slightly concerned about their inability to get in the endzone in the second half. The Raiders got a new coach and produced a significantly better performance but it still wasn't enough to beat the Broncos. The Eagles slugged it out with the Redskins and their kicker, though slightly less accurate, got more opportunities. New York bounced back from their first defeat of the year with a come from behind win in Dallas. In the big matchup in Green Bay the Vikings' offense was on top form while the Packers struggled for consistency. Chicago sweated out a scoreless second half in Detroit but their two second quarter touchdowns proved to be enough. Atlanta solidified their lead in the West with an ultimately comfortable win in St Louis, the Rams couldn't overcome the Falcons' first half lead. The San Francisco offense put in an excellent performance against Carolina as the 49ers dragged themselves off the bottom of the division.

Spotlight On...


Dom Williams




Photographic Instructor

Gameplan Experience

Coached in nine different leagues since June 1989. Currently: NFLFX Cardinals; NFLBJ Eagles; NCAA6 Alabama; NFLBG Ravens.

Bowl Record

Three Superbowl wins in four visits.

Favourite Team

Arizona Cardinals

Favourite Things

Music, Art, Photography, Gameplan, Films, Football Briefing Magazine (deserves a plug).


Most TV, Most British Sport, Politics, Country and Western (the music of Satan).

Favourite Films

The Prophecy, Fight Club, Near Dark, Stigmata, Seven, El Mariachi, The Usual Suspects.

Favourite Music

Placebo, Radiohead, Soundgarden, Lowcraft.

The Secret to Success is...

Never stand still long enough.

Review of Week Nine

New York's fine form continued with a resounding win over the Bengals, the Jets dominated possession by converting on 12 of 19 third downs. The Colts kept their noses in front in the East with a comfortable win over Pittsburgh, their 13 point advantage over the Jets was secured in a run-away fourth quarter. Miami left it till the fourth quarter again but this time they nearly caught their opponents, the Seahawks, maybe they should start their hurry up offense a little sooner? Buffalo were all over the Denver defense but lost in the end thanks to some crucial turnovers and a kick return touchdown. Oakland's high hopes under their new coach were blown away by the Ravens in championship form. Houston snuck a narrow win against Kansas City to keep themselves in contention. Minnesota continued their strong form for three quarters in Washington and had enough of a lead to withstand a fourth quarter fight back. Chicago had their defense to thank for a win in Dallas, they shut the Cowboys down in the second half to give their offense time to mount a comeback. The Giants defense was again impressive, holding the Rams scoreless. Philadelphia and San Francisco both had trouble moving the ball but the Eagles were more consistent on third downs and were able to pull away in the second half. Carolina's poor season continued as they were routed by Green Bay, their own mistakes were as much to blame as the Packers' offense. Detroit gave the high flying Falcons a tough game but turnovers cost them in the end.

Spotlight On...


Richard Appleby (Apple to all)




Team Leader.

Marital Status

Married, one baby girl, Rhiannon.

Favourite Team

Arizona Cardinals.

Favourite Film

The Big Chill.

Favourite Music

Kinks, Green Day, The Jam, punk.


All sport; Cricket (captain of local team); Darts (county standard – Warwickshire).

Preview of Week Ten

Game of the Week

Packers at Vikings

After the Vikings' resounding triumph in week eight this could be the Packers' last chance to prevent the Central title slipping away to Minnesota. Green Bay will be hoping a change in strategy will produce a big improvement, they controlled the Minnesota ground game in week eight but that left them vulnerable to the long pass. The question is, can they stop the big play passing game without losing out on the ground? On the other side of the ball the Vikings have been strong on defense all year but are susceptible to the big play themselves. Turnovers could also be a huge factor, the Minnesota QB has been known to throw the ball to the opposition as often as his own receivers on occasion, a bad day from him could be all the Packers need.

Other games: Jets by 7; Colts by 7; Ravens by 10; Oilers by 7; Seahawks by 10; Raiders by 1; Redskins by 3; Giants by 3; Bears by 3; Falcons by 10; 49ers by 7.

Predictions from Peter Swindells: Jets by 10; Colts by 6; Ravens by 17; Oilers by 3; Seahawks by 14; Broncos by 10; Redskins by 3; Giants by 10; Vikings by 3; Bears by 7; Falcons by 17; 49ers by 3.

Shootout of the Week: Jets at Bills – The Buffalo offense seems to be getting it together, perhaps not enough to beat New York but both teams should be capable of putting up points.

Shock of the Week: Broncos at Raiders – OK, the Raiders have been the worse team in the BG by quite a way but a new coach, and the fact that they got within three of the Broncos in Denver, fills me with optimism.

Slugfest of the Week: Redskins at Eagles – if either team manages to produce touchdown this time it could be a decisive score.

Spotlight On...


Jerry Ward



Marital Status

Married to Clare for fifteen months.


Senior Actuarial Clerk with Norwich Union.

Gameplan Experience

Coached the Packers since mid-way through the 1992 season. I would describe myself as the Marty Schottenheimer of Gameplan, I can win divisional titles but cannot win a playoff game to save my life. Have managed one superbowl appearance but was lucky to score nil in a 14-0 defeat. Probably something to do with the fact that I still don't understand the rules!

Favourite Team

Strangely enough, the Packers, having followed them since the mid 80's. Even went to Green Bay in 1990 and watched the Packers lose 24-20 to the then World Champion 49ers. Joe Montana threw for 411 yards and I got to see great players such as Roger Craig, Jerry Rice, Tim Harris and Sterling Sharpe amongst others, as well as the magic man, Don Majkowski.


Sport mainly. American football and soccer dominate, but enjoy cricket, snooker tennis etc. Used to watch the London Monarchs, including World Bowl 91, and still watch my local team, the Norwich Devils, in the British Senior League. My wife (fiancée as she was then) won a competition in the Daily Mirror to go to Superbowl XXX in Tempe, Arizona, all expenses paid. A fantastic trip which we both very much enjoyed. I am also a season ticket holder at Norwich City and the team might be underachieving at this moment in time, but we do have lovely kitchens and restaurants courtesy of Delia Smith! I am secretary to an amateur Sunday League soccer team and play for them as well, although currently sidelined with 'Gary Lineker big toe syndrome'. I enjoy reading, films gardening and apparently decorating the hallway, stairs and landing, as I am forever doing it and getting nowhere!


I am still in the 80's and possess neither a PC or a mobile phone!

Preview of Week Eleven

Game of the Week

Jets at Ravens

A possible championship game preview? Two of the top teams in the BG go at it. The Jets have higher rankings in both offensive and defensive yardage gained but the Baltimore defense has been more effective in terms of points conceded – thanks in part to their great punting leaving opponents with a long field. The Ravens have also thrown fewer interceptions than anyone in the AFC while their defense has picked off more passes than anyone in the league. The New York offense will be made to work hard away from home, if the Ravens can take full advantage of any mistakes then they will have the edge.

Ravens by 1

Other games: Colts by 3; Dolphins by 7; Bills by 1; Broncos by7; Seahawks by 10; Packers by 7; Lions by 1; Giants by 1; Eagles by 7; Bears by 7.

Predictions from Peter Swindells: Ravens by 10; Colts by 7; Dolphins by 6; Bills by 7; Broncos by 10; Seahawks by 13; Packers by 3; Lions by 3; Falcons by 3; Eagles by 8; Bears by 9; Vikings by 3.

Slugfest of the Week: Giants at Falcons – the big NFC matchup this week, neither team looks to have an offense capable of making much impression on the opposing defense, it could come down to which D scores.


That concludes another issue, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm going to get round to replying to all the contributors in the next few days, hopefully I'll have some free time this weekend. The next issue is scheduled to appear with week twelve results, get those contributions in now!