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Wild card Weekend, 2004 season. August 2002.

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Doesn't the Draft come round quickly these days...? In this issue you will find the usual weeks' highlights, 2004 and all-time records and a look at the draft and the playoffs. Some will have a slightly personal point of view, but only because that's how I see it... I hope you enjoy.

Andy Crawley

(Carolina Panthers)

Week 16 Highlights.

With the season's final round of games comes the final reckoning of playoff places. In the NFC, the Eagles Ran full-tilt into the wild-cards with a league-high168-yard effort that earned them a game against Dallas: though the Niners and Dallas both lost, the Niners lost heavily enough to miss out. As for the AFC, the Raiders' revenge on the Seahawks was too late to prevent Seattle taking the title, the Bengals and Steelers completed their demolition of the Central and Miami's faint hopes of swiping the East off the Colts, divisional champs for as long as I can remember, foundered against a workmanlike Jets defence.

As for the rest, Carolina win the rack-up-the-score trophy this week, passing for 433 yards and actually rushing for 100 yards for the first time this year.

And the draft? Well, after a close race, the Vikings get to choose first, and what a choice it is...

The Wild-Card Round.

AFC: Dolphins (9-7) at Bengals (14-2).

Dolphins Offence: 22nd overall: 16th run, 18th pass.

Bengals Defence: 18th overall: 10th run, 20th pass.

Bengals Offence: 9th overall: 15th run, 11th pass.

Dolphins Defence: 12th overall: 6th run, 14th pass.

These two last met in week 15, a match that was a 4 fumble shutout disaster for Miami. If the Fhish can avoid mistakes it's close, but the Bengals will force errors, leading to another squish.

Winner plays at Indianapolis.


NFC: Cowboys (8-8) at Eagles (9-7)

Cowboys Offence: 15th overall: 8th run, 20th pass.

Eagles Defence: 20th overall: 20th run, 17th pass.

Eagles Offence: 12th overall: 3rd run, 21st pass.

Cowboys Defence: 9th overall: 3rd run, 19th pass

Divisional rivals, these two split the series in the regular season. Neither dominates and this will be a hard running game, but neither can afford to ignore the others passing game: both can explode. Could go either way, but new coach Derek Green will make the difference for Dallas.

Winner plays at Carolina.

The Draft.

I have to say, I nearly fell off my chair when I read the draft sheet. In 7 years I have never seen such a manifestation of talent at the top, or such depth throughout. The only downsides would seem to be the lack of depth at RB (always a problem) and the lack of talent in Free Agency, unless you want a QB or DL. I am not looking forward to facing two more 6-value QB's in a years time, though a tilt towards passing will be alleviated somewhat by the 4-value RB's and DB's. It remains to be seen where all this burgeoning talent will end up, but it looks like the current top teams have a fight coming to stay on top.

Whispers from around NFL-AY.

Word from the Giants camp says that WR Ike Hilliard retired 3 steps ahead of being fired... and injured 3-year vet DB Clarence Sehorn may be clearing his locker this week... Carolina HB William Floyd has retired. Floyd was the first draft pick made by Coach Crawley and will be best remembered for his 170 yard effort in the NFC championship game 3 years ago... New Dallas coach Derek Green has already started remoulding his team: the secondary is believed to be the only unit not under threat...The Bengals have struck a deal with FA DB Lewis Billups in time to correct their supposed weakness at pass defence for the playoffs...

Diary Date

Saturday 21st September- A Gameplan pubmeet is planned, to meet at the Hercules' Pillar, Holborn, London at around 6-ish. At least 3 AY coaches plan to attend (not bad considering distances!). More info next time, or on

NFL-AY 2004 records

Best Rushing: 65 att, 271 yards, 4 td, 2 fm, New York Jets vs Atlanta, week 12.

Most rushing attempts in a game: 65, New York Jets vs Atlanta, week 12.

Best passing: 24 of 59, 509 yards, 3 td, 1 int, Carolina vs Chicago, week 4.

Most passing attempts in a game: 59, Carolina vs Chicago, week 4.

Longest pass: 89(t), San Francisco vs Washington, week 13.

Longest rush: 99(t), Chicago vs Dallas, week 15.

Most points in a quarter: 24, Cincinnatti vs San Francisco, week 6

Most first downs in a game: 33, New york Giants, week 1; Atlanta, week 10.

Most sacks in a game: 7, on 6 occasions: Chicago (twice), Pittsburgh (twice), Cincinnatti, Green Bay.

NFL-AY All-time Records

Best rushing Performance- 43 att, 271 yrds, 3 tds: Baltimore, 2003

Most rushes in a game- 65: New York Jets, 2004

Best passing performance- 33 of 61, 520 yards, 3 td, 3 int: Carolina, 2003

Most passing attempts in a game- 61: Carolina, 2003

Most points in a game- 75: St. Louis vs Carolina, 2003

Most points in a quarter- 28, Dallas, 2003

Most first downs in a game- 33, Baltimore, 2003; New York Giants, Atlanta, 2004

Most sacks in a game- 7, on 8 occasions by 8 teams.

Most yards gained per game (season)- 418 yards, Chicago, 2004

Least yards conceded per game (season)- 185 yards, Indianapolis, 1999

Longest pass- 99(t), Chicago, 2004

Longest rush- 96(t), Cincinnatti, 1998

Least penalties (season)- 23, Carolina, 2001

Most penalties (season)- 111, San Francisco, 2004

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