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Week 16, 2004 season. August 2002.

Welcome to the first cub edition of NFL-AY's newsletter, written by the teaboy because the Editor's attempts to build a time-machine and solve his too-much-to-do problems have (so far) met with failure. If anyone wishes to contribute to this or the main RR, e-mail me at [email protected] or post to: 17 Madehurst Close, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 2YR and I'll use or pass them on to Rob when he returns to duty.

Andy Crawley

(Carolina Panthers)

Week 15 Highlights.

A warm welcome to our newest coach: Derek Green takes over the Cowboys this week...just in time to challenge for a playoff spot. Good timing, Derek. As for the on-field action, the Eagles rushed for a league-high 170 yards and kept in the playoff hunt by beating the Niners, and the Colts passed for 345 yards in a blowout win against the Raiders. This week's "rack up the score" winner is Mark Dixon for a 5 TD win, and only a blown coverage assignment prevented a shutout. Damn that pesky IX...

The Playoff picture is (unsurprisingly) clearer: in the NFC the Division winners have been set since week 13, but 3 teams are chasing 2 wild card places: as the Niners face the Panthers and the Cowpokes the Giants, the Eagles look likely to get one and the other may well go to points difference. As with every year the AFC is a scramble: the playoff teams are fixed but the order has yet to be decided. It does seem harsh that the Bengals face the playoffs the hard way, but that's football! The First Draft pick looks to be Minnesota's, though San Diego are giving them a run for their money.

Interview with Coach Dixon, NYG.

Coach Dixon is a busy man, with an estimated 10 teams under his wing at the moment. Our man caught up with him as he jogged between training facilities.

Cub: So, coach, how do you feel about the Giants through week 15?

MD: Which league did you say you were reporting?

Cub: AY, Sir.

MD: Oh, yeah. Okay, so we've won the division. Well, that's all fine and dandy and we'll get week 1 of the playoffs off: cooler indeed, finer and dandier. Then we're going to play the Bears (barring a miracle this week they'll be the number 2 seeds) in the divisional round and then we'll be playing for the NFC championship.

Cub: How do you feel about playing Chicago, coach?

MD: The Bears...Coached by a legend in his own Gameplan career, a man with more SB wins than I've got socks (and I've got a LOT of socks). The author of the only gameplan to shut me out in recent memory, and I play in a lot of leagues against some mighty fine coaches. Hmmm. Now that's going to be a toughie. (grimaces)

Cub: And the rest of your season?

MD: Otherwise the season has been good. A solid first half to the season saw us top our division through week 10 and then we got the job done pretty well throughout the second half of the year. The only blips being a total lack of offence against the Panthers when we had them for the taking and a complete lack of anything at all in week 13's mauling by the aforementioned Bears.

Cub: What are your expectations for the playoffs, coach?

MD: Well, I fancy our chances in the Championship Game... I think we'll have to wait 'till next year for anything better than that though.

Cub: thanks for your time, sir.

MD: Don't call me sir, son.

Odds and sods.

A quick note to remind folks out there with net access to check out the following sites: – Loads of info, loads of leagues, and the unofficial Hall of Fame...

Http:// – Our very own chat group. Very helpful.

Neither of these are affiliated to Ab Initio Games, whos own website is .

.....Stop Press.....

Rob Crowther, Coach of the Cincinatti Bengals and Editor of this esteemed publication had this to say before week 16's game in Baltimore.

"I'm very happy with the way the season has gone for us, we took the
momentum we built up in the second half of last season and we've carried it right through this season. Our two defeats have come at the hands of very good teams, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. The Colts have had some bad luck against us over the last few seasons and so I guess they were due a win, while Pittsburgh have improved out of sight over the last season and a half. We believe we have a gameplan to beat their
aggressive defense, however as week eight proved you need to watch out for their offense too. Even if we win today I expect we'll be hosting
the AFC wildcard game for the second consecutive year, which means
winning the Superbowl will be hard work. That's not to say we don't
expect to get there, there is no-one in the playoffs who we can't beat,
but we may have to ride our luck a bit."


And that's it. To finish off are the AY records, Next issue will have 2004 records, the draft and more goodies for your delectation...

NFL-AY 2003 and All-time records.

All-time refers to 98-03 seasons, all I have records for. 2004 update next issue.

Best rushing performance- 43 att, 277 yds, 3 td, 0 int. Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh.

Most Rushes in a game- 58, New York Jets vs. Miami.

Longest Rush- 80t, Chicago vs. Minnesota.

Best Passing performance- 33 of 61, 520yds, 3td, 3int. Carolina vs. San Francisco.

Most passes in a game- 61, Carolina vs. San Francisco.

Most points in a game- 75, St. Louis vs. Carolina.

Most points in a quarter- 28, Dallas vs. Green Bay

Most first downs in a game- 33, Baltimore vs. Green Bay

Most sacks in a game- 7, Dallas vs. Green Bay, Oakland vs. Green Bay.

All-time records.

Most yards gained per game (season)- 388, Indianapolis, 2000 season.

Least yards conceded per game (season)- 185, Indianapolis, 1999 season.

Longest Pass- 98t, Indianapolis, 2003 season.

Longest pass- 96t, Cincinnati, 1998 season.

Least penalties (season)- 23, Carolina, 2001 season.

Most penalties (season)- 108, Detroit, 1998 season.