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Personal Details

Full Name: Robert John Crowther
Phone number: +44 (0) 7887 761 430
Email address:
Nationality: British
15 Sandford Court Bosworth Road, Barnet Hertfordshire. EN5 5LY. UK.

Preferred roles: Front End Web Developer, Webmaster, Systems Administrator
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Work Experience

12/2009 – present, Web Developer, Service Works Group Ltd, London (Full-time).
Support and implement new features in ASP.Net web application for facilities management, with particular focus on cross browser compatibility of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Assist with implementations on client sites. Key projects:
  • Built a general purpose mapping interface along with a reference implementation using SOAP.
  • Created a drag-and-drop planning interface using JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 technologies.
  • Used the Google Maps v3 APIs alongside the Geolocation API to facilitate check-ins and direction services for users of ASP.Net web application.
  • Updated existing ASP.Net/SQL Server web application for cross platform, cross browser compatibility.
  • Implemented feed of room booking information in iCal format for Outlook and other calendar clients using ASP.Net/SQL Server.
  • Wrote a WWF component to import data from Active Directory using LDAP and place it, with appropriate mappings, in a SQL Server database.
  • Developed a scheduling interface using the HTML5 Drag and Drop API, ASP.Net, C# and jQuery.
  • Used a third party library to allow files to be sent via email and attached to jobs within a web application.
7/2008 11/2009, Infrastructure Support Consultant, Service Works Global Ltd, London (Full-time).
Manage implementation, service delivery and third line technical support for fully managed application hosting platform based on VMware, Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005. Key projects:
  • Used my skills in project planning, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, Cisco VPN and Terminal Services, to migrate our ASP clients between hosting providers with minimal downtime.
  • Produced sales and marketing literature, plus technical and end user documentation for hosted service offering utilizing skills in Technical Writing, Word 2003 and Visio 2007.
  • Developed meeting room information system using T-SQL and ASP web pages which output to Windows CE displays.
  • Wrote interactive meeting room booking system using Windows XP Embedded touch screen devices with Internet Explorer in kiosk mode displaying pages from an IIS/SQL Server back end.
5/2004 7/2008, Technology Manager, Service Works Global Ltd, London (Full-time).
Leader for a team of three people doing web and other interface development plus product R&D and another team of two people providing infrastructure support for the entire company. Key projects:
  • Implemented HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for Web site re-design and implemented successful SEO strategy.
  • Produced mobile version of company website using XHTML Mobile Profile.
  • Using VB.Net 2.0, developed prototype Outlook add-in to perform room bookings in our SQL Server database from within an appointment.
  • Developed proof of concept ArcGIS application which allowed plotting assets from a SQL Server database on a map.
  • Designed wizard-style web based maintenance management system implemented as an XSLT transformation engine on top of an ASP.Net 1.0 web service.
  • Coded RSS 2.0 feed from ASP/VB6 web app for delivery into SharePoint XML web part for dashboard.
  • Redesigned front end code of ASP/VB6 web application to use CSS for layout, add cross browser compatibility and use the Scriptaculous Javascript framework for effects.
  • Adapted ASP/VB6 web application to function on both desktop and mobile web browsers using CSS media selection, unobtrusive scripting and progressive enhancement techniques.
4/2002 4/2004, TCS Associate, London Southbank University & Service Works Ltd, London (Full-time).
Fulfilled the roles of Web Developer & Infrastructure Manager. Oversaw development of new web products, evaluated new technology, supervised several infrastructure projects including migration to Windows 2003. Key projects:
  • Developed XML web service using ASP to interface between SQL Server database and Steelcase RoomWizards.
  • Developed XML data feed from SQL Server using ASP/VB6 to feed building information electronic signage system.
  • Installed and configured server with Red Hat Linux (later upgraded to Centos) to provide FTP services for clients and support staff.
  • Built proof of concept SharePoint WebPart to display information from a SQL Server Database.
  • Developed proof of concept AutoCAD application to interface into SQL Server database.
5/2001 4/2002, Web Developer, Service Works Ltd, London (Full-time).
Helped develop web interface to existing database based product, using Visual Basic, Javascript, XML and HTML. Additional network support and system administration role, Windows 98/NT/2000. Key projects:
  • Built ASP/VB6 web front end to Superbase database application, utilizing HTML, CSS, Java and Javascript.
  • Installed and configured Exchange server for small office network.
  • Installed and configured ADSL connection and firewall to give Internet access to small office network.
  • Designed and built Intranet site using Dreamweaver.
2/2001 4/2001, Webmaster, iwant2b Ltd, Edinburgh (Placement).
Responsible for technical/code aspects of new ‘iwant2bhealthy’ website, plus some design and editing work and maintaining and updating existing iwant2b directory sites using Dreamweaver. Helped to integrate new shopping cart using ASP technology to access a SQL Server backend. Exposure to web marketing & SEO techniques and also log analysis software.
4/1992 12/1999, Licensed Premises Security, Various, Edinburgh (Part-time).
Door steward at various licensed premises around Edinburgh.
2001 – present, Personal Projects
  • Currently studying towards a CompTIA Network+ certification.
  • Maintained personal technical/web development blog for over a decade.
  • In the course of writing several articles for IBM developerWorks, developed an example PHP/MySQL social network site which used RDFa and Microformats, used Javascript and XUL to build a Firefox extension which extracted Microformat data from a web page and wrote a Yahoo! Searchmonkey application in PHP.
  • For several years was the webmaster of phpBB based site and network technician for a London based community of LAN gamers.
  • Maintained a minified single file version of Prototype.js and Scriptaculous Javascript libraries for several years.
  • Built a Fedora Linux based Samba and CUPS server for home network use.
  • Developed an online 'wedding list' application for a friend using Ruby on Rails and MySQL
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10/1990 7/1994, BSc (Hons.) Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at Edinburgh University.
Final Year Project: Modelling Communication Systems via a Cellular Automaton. Specialist Modules: Algorithms and Data Structures; Programming Methodology; Operating Systems; Computer Communications; Computer Graphics; Software for Parallel Machines; Communication and Concurrency; Distributed Computing; Knowledge Representation I & II; Computational Syntax; Computational Semantics; Machine Learning; Connectionist Computing.
8/1986 6/1990, Robert Smyth School, Market Harborough, Leicestershire.
A–levels: Maths; Physics; English Literature; General Studies. GCSE: Maths; English; English Literature; Science A; Science B; Humanities; Design; Commerce and Business Studies; Classical Studies;


This section contains additional information about me which is probably only worth your time if you are some sort of keyword scanning software or really, really interested.

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11/2009, Foundations of C# Programming and the .NET Framework, DevelopMentor, London (certification)
Five day introduction to C# and the .Net framework, including the CLR, garbage collection, and deployment.
3/2007, Introduction to Programming ArcObjects with VBA, ESRI UK, Aylesbury (certification)
Five day course providing a foundation for application development using VBA and ArcObjects for typical GIS programming tasks.
7/2005, Introduction to Enterprise Project Management, Scope Education, London.
Using Project 2003 with Project Server.
12/2004, Project Management, New Horizons, London.
Custom training course, project management using the PRINCE2 methodology.
7/2004, Project Management Fundamentals, New Horizons, London.
Examining the elements of sound project management and applying the generally recognized practices to successfully manage projects.
3/2004, Querying SQL Server 2000 with T–SQL, Systematix, Reading.
Basic and Intermediate SQL programming on MS SQL Server.
2/2004, TCS Module 4, Exploring Business Opportunities (Globalisation).
Introduces Associates to auditing and benchmarking techniques which can be used to assess the strategic impact of external factors on businesses and familiarise them with the issues raised by a chosen external factor.
2/2004, Project Server 2003 Administration, ProjectLearning.Net, Leeds.
Installing and Configuring Project Server.
9/2003, Art of Leadership Conference, Edinburgh.
Workshops and Keynote speeches aimed at building leadership skills.
6/2003, TCS Module 3, Business Management Skills.
Develops in Associates the skills and understanding needed to contribute at a senior level to the development of small, ambitious companies and business units.
7/2002, TCS Module 2, Improving Personal Skills and Teamwork.
Enables Associates to work effectively in a commercial environment as individuals and team members. Associates are encouraged to take responsibility for managing their own careers and personal development.
6/2002, TCS Module 1, Developing Project Management Skills.
Equips Associates with skills in planning, organising and communicating that are needed to initiate and manage their TCS projects.
9/2000 – 1/2001, Internet Technologies Course, Net Resources, Edinburgh
Covering HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Paintshop Pro.
1/2000 – 8/2000, ‘Up for Learning’
Various modules through Jewel and Esk Valley College, East Lothian. Including ‘Customer Care’, ‘Managing Change’ and various MS Office modules.
3/1998, Save a Life
Edinburgh Red Cross, half–day first aid course.
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  • Have written business and system applications using , , , , and
  • Installed and configured both and web servers
  • Used and for application data exchange, web site development and web services using from various platforms
  • , and (including ) in standards based web design
  • Developed accessible web content to meet / standards
  • Presentation layer semantic web technologies such as /
  • Understanding of issues and the technical aspects of making content usable for desktop, hand held/mobile and screen reader users
  • Used and to deliver web content and manage large websites
  • Experience with and pay–per–click advertising
  • Excellent general IT skills and a knowledge of programming, systems & protocols
  • Web development using with , with MySQL
  • Designed and developed of web sites and software for hand held devices, including Symbian, iPhone, MS PocketPC and Blackberry
  • Used and to produced optimized web graphics
  • Experienced and
  • Managing a Windows 2003 on a TCP/IP network with ethernet and wireless clients
  • Installing and managing
  • Installing, managing and using
  • Installing and configuring servers and their integration into a primarily Windows based environment
  • Customer service and helpdesk experience
  • Wide knowledge of common office software gained from supporting up to fifty users as well as friends and family
Some Experience
  • Producing print ready artwork
  • Installing, configuring and managing Firewalls and VPN devices, IPSEC and SSL
  • Installing, configuring and managing WebSense
  • Veritas backup tools, CA Anti–Virus, VMWare and VirtualPC
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11/2009, More Accessible User Interfaces with ARIA, SkillsMatter, London
A talk providing practical tips and design patterns for using ARIA to create accessible user interfaces that work across all of the various combinations of browsers and assistive technologies by Todd Kloots (Yahoo!).
9/2009, Cognition and Accessibility London
A day of talks on accessibility issues related to learning disabilities, autism and other cognitive differences.
6/2009, HTML5 London
A day of talks on HTML5, including introductory material, Javascript APIs and Accessibility.
11/2008, London Perl Workshop London Perl Mongers
Attended Web Programming Tutorial.
9/2008, Google Developer Day 2008 UK, Google, London
Attended sessions on Android, Google App Engine, Google Gears and V8 - the Chrome engine
5/2008, London Web Week 2008
A series of daytime and evening events under a common banner, I attended talks on Microformats, Findability and the Future of Flash
4/2008, onAIR London 2008, Adobe, London
A day of talks on building RIAs with Adobe's AIR platform - Flash, Flex and DHTML
12/2007, London Perl Workshop London Perl Mongers
Attended Beginners Perl Tutorial by Dave Cross
11/2007, DDD6, Microsoft Campus, Reading
Conference, I attended presentations covering IronRuby, Entity Framework, Inversion of Control, Dynamic Languages On .NET and MbUnit
10/2007, IT'S A MASHUP - the end of Business As Usual, BCS NLB, London
Presentation on Web 2.0 in the enterprise at BCS NLB meeting by Andy Mulholland (CEO, Capgemini).
6/2007, In-the-Brain of Erik Doerenburg on Why Agile Teams Fail, SkillsMatter, London
In this talk Erik discussed the most common reasons a team may fail when trying to execute a project using an agile methodology. He also covered how to learn from the mistakes of others, and avoid repeating new mistakes of your own.
5/2007, Google Developer Day 2007 UK, Google, London
Attended sessions on Google Maps API, GData API, Google Gears and Developing Mobile Websites
2/2007, WSG London Accessibility Meetup, University of Westminster, London
"The goal of these Web Standards Group events is to promote web-standards in such a way that attendees will go away having learnt something, or be inspired to create something great using web standards, whether they are seasoned standardistas or just starting out."
2/2007, WebDD07, Microsoft Campus, Reading
Conference, I attended presentations covering Microformats, CSS, Usability Testing, Ruby on Rails and Unobtrusive Javascript
11/2006, DevelopMentor Connected Systems Roadshow, Microsoft Campus, Reading
Two day seminar covering BizTalk, WCF, SQL Service Broker, ASP.Net Security and WWF.
11/2006, In-the-Brain of Dave Crane: Design Patterns for AJAX, SkillsMatter, London
Evening seminar.
3/2006, BCS/RSI Annual Lecture ‘Software for the 21st Century’
Lecture discussing the implications of hardware parallelization and automatic verification for software development in the next century.
11/2005, London Web Frameworks Evening, London Perl Mongers
Seminar on ‘ActiveRecord style’ web application frameworks.
6/2005, SOA What? Perspectives on Service Oriented Architecture and what it means for the organisations that seek to embrace its promises.
Series of presentations at BCS NLB meeting.
3/2005, BCS/RSI Annual Lecture ‘Web Intelligence’
Lecture discussing the extent to which intelligent web services are evolving to cope with diverse sources of information on a global scale.
12/2004, London Perl Workshop (‘Learning Perl’ track)
London Perl Mongers. Understanding the basics of using Perl for web development.
10/1998 – 12/2000, Centre for Continuing Education, Edinburgh University
Evening classes in: Introduction to Philosophy – Parts 1 and 2; Existentialism and Belief; Bakhtin: Criticism and Theory; Wittgenstein: Language and Philosophy; Friedrich Nietzsche: Transfiguring Philosophy.
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I have played American Football since I was fifteen. My Youth team won the national kitted championship in 1989 and I was chosen ‘Offensive Lineman of the Year’ in 1989 and 1990. Upon graduating to the senior team in 1991 I was chosen ‘Rookie of the Year’ and was also selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships in Helsinki, winning a gold medal. After breaking my leg in 1992 I was unable to play for four years. I returned to the sport in 1996 and represented Scotland in 1997. For the London Mets I was selected ‘Offensive Lineman of the Year’ in all three seasons. I was recently involved with the Chiltern Cheetahs, we gained promotion from Division 2 of the British American Football League in 2004 and in 2005 appeared in the Division 1A final. Most recently I played for the Farnham Knights who represented the UK in the EFAF Cup in 2009, playing games against teams from Amsterdam and Oslo. In September 2010 completed my BAFCA Level 1 Coaching Qualification and, following that, helped coach the Kingston University American Football team for three seasons. I also enjoy computer games and have helped to organise ‘LAN Events’ for up to 30 people in the North London area. As part of my involvement with these groups I have created and maintained several community websites.